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    Large and sturdy

    The product is large and allows my baby to explore freely without me worrying that he might put something he shouldn in his mouth or that he will stand, lose his balance and hit his head on the floor. The unit is very sturdy for my 9 month old. I love the little entry door. It makes it easy for me to come in and clean up his toys or just grab him.

    Sturdy, Great quality, and works for our needs

    My husband and I are absolutely satisfied with this product. We have an 11month old. We previously purchased the toddleroo by North Gates but wasn't satisfied and returned it and happy we found this one.Pros: its super sturdy, great quality, door works great and its easy to open and closeCons: no extension gate sold separatelyThe height of the gate can be good for me but maybe to short for others. Depends on what you prefer.


    Really awesome how you can manipulate the gate to make any size and fit any play mat!

    Well built

    This is a sturdy well built unit, I suggest getting the larger one that offered as that what I bought and said to myself glad I didn buy the smaller one. It build allows you to shape it in different ways as each panel is movable. Walls hold up well to pushing and shaking and are not flimsy. I have it on carpet and it does not move when my son pushes on it. Overall yes I would buy this again. Very pleased with this.

    Rachel B.
    Great Product, wish I bought it sooner!

    Bought this for my one year old, so I could keep him contained and not all over the place while I am trying to get things done around the house. He has enough room to play and walk a little bit and stays content in the space. He is walking and he scales the side and I have had no issues with him pulling it or pushing it anywhere. I have it set up on our carpet. This is very sturdy and I like the color better than the bright colors. It was also very easy to put together. I have not tried to fold it, but it doesn't look like it will be an issue. I am sorry we didn't buy this sooner!

    Money CAN buy happiness

    GET IT. When I was researching different gates I wasted too much time. I landed on this one and I donregret it at all. When you are reading other reviews that talk about having to tighten the screws it because you can get the gate to sit perfectly and adjust everything perfectly the first time. They are a lot of joints and it will need to be adjusted later. The color is gender neutral so if you plan on having another this is a great investment long term. The activity board is lacking but you can always add your own stuff instead of forking over another $80 for a gate that has a nicer one.

    James Cahill
    Very nice quality! Worth every penny

    I ordered this for my grandson. I looked at other playpen that were cheaper, but went with this one because of the smooth edges and sturdy appearance. I was not disappointed. I am very happy with this purchase. My grandson is just starting to walk and stand unassisted, so he leans on furniture. He can pull up on this playpen and lean against it and it does not move. I don’t have to worry about any sharp edges or corners. And the locking mechanism is top rate. Customer service was responsive when I had a question and was proactive. I am not one to gush about products, but I was pleasantly surprised at the professionalism of this company. Lastly, I also purchased another high quality toy for my grandson (from a different website) and upon arrival discovered it was also made by this company!! Suffice to say, with this track record of quality, I plan to be a loyal customer.

    Great playpen with one tiny issue

    Just like most first time parents, I did a ton of research on so many playpens out there when deciding for one for my 8 month old. I wanted something big enough for him to be able to not feel cramped, one that was strong/sturdy, and also one that didn't break the bank (i.e. upper 100's into the 200's). This one seemed to fit the bill on all accounts and now that we've had it for a few months, it absolutely has met and exceeded my expectations.It was very easy to put together - took maybe about 10 minutes max, if that. It's very well made...each panel and the connectors are very solid and easy to assemble/adjust.My ONE and ONLY complaint is the little rubber feet (not to be confused with the suction cups feet that are included, but a different part) that attach to the bottoms don't stay on great if you even remotely move it a tiny bit. If you're looking for it to stay absolutely stationary, you'd use the suction cups and those work great. But for us, we wanted it to be a little flexible in terms of shifting it a few feet here if needed. The rubber feet pop off a bit. Keep in mind though, they are NOT a choking hazard...they are big enough and likely if your baby grabs one they will just chew on it. But it's very thick well made rubber and they are impossible to choke on in terms of the size. If you have a baby with really strong teeth, they may be able to bite into it over time, but my guess is you're at least checking in on your baby periodically when in this, so if you're watching them and they don't gnaw on one for an hour, you'll be fine.Long story short, this is a GREAT playpen for people looking to get an affordable, but very sturdy well made option.

    Happy momHappy mom
    Best thing

    I love this I looked for weeks and weeks for the perfect playpen I so happy I got this one my baby is safe in his own little area it a perfect size not to small not to big

    Buy this gate! Product Registration is?or not useful

    I love this gate! It is easy to assemble and clean, and easy to take apart and fold for storage. My son is 10 1/2 months old and when he stands up using the gate, he shakes it but the gate holds up. There’s a lot of room for him to crawl around and my husband and I sometimes go in it as well to play with him. It great to put the baby in it for when I have to clean, cook or do laundry - I know he will be safe.Side note, I always register baby products just in case there are safety alerts or recalls. Although the gate comes with a registration card, it worthless. When I tried to register it online using the website on the registration card, I couldn find the registration sign up form. I contacted them directly and they had no idea about the product registration and asked me to discard it. It not really a card but a piece of paper.The mat I purchased: Baby Play mat, playmat

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