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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Robyn W. Floyd
    Strong and full of great attachments

    Sturdy but getting all the attachments in the correct place before installing it between trees is a little tricky.

    Lacy S
    Love the colors, great for boys and girls, sturdy and strong

    Great product, Easy Install, Very Sturdy. My 7 year old loves this because it makes him feel like a ninja. The climbing net, swing, and the steering wheel are his favorites. As a mom, I like the bright colors because it attracts kids to it and is very cute. I¡¯ve had a 5, 6, and 7 year old on it at the same time and it held up great. I installed it higher on the swing side and lower on the monkey bar side so that the bars were reachable while the swing was high enough to be enjoyable.

    Tammy L
    Cargo nets are important

    Package came a little later than expected but still got here in time for a birthday present. The net was important - I ended up ordering 2 separate sets for variety, and the cargo net was specifically what drove me to this set, along with the climbing rope. Will setup next month, but looks good so far!

    Meghan Leidy
    High quality takes some time to instal

    We bought this for something to keep our kids outside this summer. I was very pleased with the quality of all the items. The instructions weren¡¯t great, mainly pictures. We had to hang it several times before we got the height right. Some of the obstacles are a little challenging for my kids but they love to try it. Highly recommended!

    Supatra Grossman
    Good for the price

    It¡¯s sturdiness

    Lisa L.
    Really fun alternative to a swingset!

    As a military family, we move around a lot. Dismantling swing sets for our moves is never something we want to do, so we end up giving them away every couple of years. I noticed so many families with these ninja sets in our last neighborhood, we decided to give it a try for our new house. This way, we can take it with us when we move! We¡¯ve been using this set for 4 weeks now and we love it! I have 3 girls ages 3, 5, and 7. All of them use it every single day, especially the swing. We are ordering a second swing to add on. My 3 year old obviously can¡¯t use the high equipment without help, we she has been learning to climb the first 2 steps on the net and she¡¯s building strength. The
    set is high quality and hold adult weight with no issues. Installation was easy... highly recommended!

    Ryan Hobart
    Must buy!

    The kids love this! It's great for all my kids from 4 years old to 14. It keeps them active and outside. I would definitely recommend and purchase again.

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