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    T.L. HughesMDT.L. HughesMD
    Great Purchase

    Slide/bouncy house is great! Perfect size for a smaller back yard! Very durable and blows up good with recommended blower! Stakes were durable and kept the bouncy house in place! The sprayer in the slide and water cannon is a great feature with continued water coming out! My 5 and 2 yr old loves the slide. The best Quaratine purchase yet!


    This was the main attraction at the party.

    Best compact bouncy house water slide EVER!

    This bouncy house water slide is AMAZING!!!! We have a smaller backyard with a playscape in the middle, so we needed something fun that would also fit. I have a 4 and 6 year old and it provided about three hours of non stop fun! My husband and I even went down the slide, so it actually can hold up to 175lbs. I was worried because it said up to 8 yrs old, but I am confident that 10 and 11 yr olds will still be able to use it if it can hold us. Best quarantine purchase EVER!!!

    Jenn ButterfieldJenn Butterfield
    Big Surprise!!!

    The media could not be loaded.We bought this fun water slide/bouncy house for our grandkids!!! It going to be a total surprise for themhey have no idea we bought it! They will be so excited!!! We choose this one from Amz because its much cheaper than the other competitors. We also liked this one because it had a water slide AND a bounce house in We bought one like this from a big warehouse store and realized it wasn even a water slide and was just for bouncingdefinitely not what we wanted for $200 so we returned it. This slide came nicely packaged with all the necessary supplies to go with it! The nice blower arrived neatly packaged in a separate box. Here what we love about this slide:Can be used Indoor or outdoorWater attachmentsCan be used with or without waterKids love it (especially toddlers)Durable & high quality fabric & designWe are so excited for our grandkids to see the new slide when they arrive in a few weeks?I will update this rev after they play on it and give it a good tryout! We might have a hard time getting them off the slide/bounce hous

    Bird Chrissie
    good product

    It's super sturdy, and to see the look on my 5-year-old's face, oh my God. It's the best thing I've ever bought. We even invited some kids over so he could play with his family. This is great!


    We bought this item in June. Have only used it a handful of times and seams already are warn out and busting. This makes me extremely upset for the price we paid, I was hoping it last a couple of years with our young kids.

    Mimi Myrlene
    Safety performance

    It's very good quality, it's easy to inflate, it doesn't leak, it's perfect for my backyard, my kids love to play in it, it's very safe, it's perfect for kids to play in.

    Deborah Pohl
    Great product for little, little kids

    My six year-old LOVED this thing, but she was close to the age where maybe she was getting a little big for it. I would say seven or eight is too old. That being the case, I decided to send it back because summer is almost over and I was worried she would be too big for it next summer (bored). The product itself was great, except the sprayer hoses had some funky weird stuff in the nozzle heads that obstructed their proper spray function. We just used a hose to keep the slide wet, and that was fine. The company was fairly responsive to an email requesting a different hose, but during the time I was packing up the hose for shipment to return it, I noticed this product quite a bit cheaper online, by $30. We originally paid $599 which seemed high. In the end, my daughter enjoyed the slide for a few weeks, but we decided to send it back and buy a pool instead (which is more age appropriate). We had to pay to ship it back, which is reasonable, but it wasn't cheap (think: at least eight bucks depending on where you're shipping from). There was one big problem with this jumper slide from a functional standpoint, and that's this: it was a chore to pick it up off the ground every night, and it wasn't easy to store. Leaving it on the ground would've invited mosquitos and dead grass, but we did leave it for a few days at a time. If you buy it, invest in a pool toys caddy, a big one. Otherwise, you've got a huge, heavy deflated jumper laying in your yard, or possibly your pickup truck bed. All in all, this thing would be great for little, little kids, like the three to six range. It's a nice, sturdy, fun, well-made product.

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