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    I'm on a BOAT!

    My 3 year old loves this sand box. I prepped it with a couple coats of clear wood sealer before putting it together in the hopes that it helps it to stay looking nice. I didn't bother with the bottom tarp that came with it, instead, I bought some heavy duty tarps to put underneath and to use as a cover for when it rains. I have yet to attach the netting that goes on top because the snaps to attach it have to be measured out to put them on. I may put them on eventually, but for now I have just been covering it when it isn't in use. Excluding the application of the clear coat, this took a few hours to put together and was relatively easy. I really wish that the storage bins had the bottoms attached as my son pulls them out and throws them in the yard, so I will have to screw or nail them into place. I plan on adding some handles to the lids of the bins to make it easier to get them on and off. I will try to update this review in the future.

    Great Sandbox but not without Faults

    At the end of the day, my kids LOVE this sandbox. However, there are a few items I would like to mention. First, when I opened the package the hardware was everywhere! I was missing some pieces that KidKraft is replacing. To complete the build, I used hardware of my own. Also, the rear railings were damaged. I am hoping KidKraft sends me the replacements I requested.It did not take very long to put together. The instructions are decent and each part is numbered. I was disappointed that there is no floor. I am using this sandbox on a patio so I needed to add a floor. I basically did the same thing the other reviewer here did by form fitting some plywood, treating it with waterproofing, and fixing it to the bottom. I also sealed it with silicone. This boat can float now if I so intended!!!The storage is nice but I didn't find it to be a overabundance of storage like some reviews indicate. The mesh netting is good but the snaps they provide to attach it to the boat are cheap. You may get frustrated installing the net. I extended my floor the length of the sandbox. We have 250lbs of sand in the front of the boat and another 50lbs in the rear under the wheel. I figured my kids were going to get sand in there anyway so why not just fill that part too.As I said, my kids love this boat and I do as well. We shall see how she holds up. All in all I am pleased and thrilled how much my kids enjoy it. I will post a few pics as well.

    Andreas BrinkAndreas Brink
    Ich war echt berrascht..

    da ich die anderen Rezensionen gelesen hatte. Das Paket kam, alles sehr schön verpackt, sauber lackiert, tolle Anleitung. Klar werde ich die Holzteile vor dem Zusammenbau noch einmal mit richtigen Bootslack präparieren, dann sollte der Sandkasten drei Jahre halten. Das Holz ist natürlich keine deutsche Eiche, aber wenn man etwas mit Holz umgehen kann, dann kann man hier und da ein paar Verstärkungen anleimen oder schrauben und das Schiff hält. Ich möchte ja nicht rein sitzen, es ist für meinen Enkel und dafür ist es perfekt. Für den Preis, bin ich mehr als zufrieden. Wenn es fertig aufgebaut ist, stelle ich noch einpaar Fotos rein. Auch werde ich noch ein paar LED Lampen einbauen. Auch eine Schiffsglocke soll er bekommen! Wenn schon Piratenschiff, dann richtig.Nachtrag: Die Bauanleitung ist perfekt. Schrauben sind sogar mehr dabei, fehlt also keine. Alles hat wirklich gepasst! Ich finde den Bausatz klasse, jederzeit wieder! 5 Sterne.Nachtrag, der Enkel bestand auf einer Kanone, die habe ich ihm dann schnell gebastelt. Die Schiffsglocke ist noch nicht da, ein Seefahrer Fernrohr gab es aber in der Zwischenzeit, sowie einen Papagei.

    Great addition for our backyard

    We love KidKraft products and didn't hesitate to order this one for our children. It's colorful, durable and was easy enough for one adult to assemble in less than 2 hours. There is enough sitting space in the sand area for our 4 year old and our 18 month old and I love that it is lined with plastic. It's big, but definitely not overwhelming - and goes great with our primary color playset.My only complaint was that 2 pieces were damaged, 1 part was missing and the hardware box was completely cut openned when the sandbox arrived. Luckily I was able to sort out the screws and bolts and the missing/broken pieces did not prevent me from assembling the boat. I received 2 replacement parts 3 days after my online order and am confident the 3rd will arrive soon. If not, I'll call customer service and am sure they will help me.


    Fantastico!! Ai miei bimbi (1-3 anni) piace un sacco!!Si divertono tantissimo!!Per montarlo serve il suo tempo (soprattutto se hai dei bambini che vogliono collaborare). Le istruzioni le abbiamo trovate molto chiare, quindi nulla da dire. Se piove, noi lo copriamo anche se è da esterno per precauzione! Siccome non l’ho trovato in nessun commento, e non sapevo quanta sabbia comprare, noi abbiamo utilizzato 4 sacchi da 25kg

    Emily Burns
    6 years of fun, and now buying another one (because we demo'd the deck--this was still in good sh...

    I think I owe this a review, as I am about to buy another one, 6 years later. We bought this for our oldest son when he was 3. He loved it. It spent the next 6 years on our roof deck in Boston. Never covered, through six winters, a few of them pretty brutal, with many, many days of 50-60 mph winds. Finally last year, the top shade pulled free on the sides, but still fully attached and would still shade--just looked a little more "piratey". I did have to re-paint it once, and it could have used it again. But even with out that, it has lasted. My kids would crawl along every edge, and it held up. Ultimately we had to tell them to stop standing on the blue rails, because they were going to break--but that was after several years. And with a little reinforcing wood it would have been safe again. This year, we demolished our roof deck to rebuild, and my five-year-old bawled. Didn't matter that I told him we were getting a hot tub instead, he wanted his sandbox. So I think even though my husband was so looking forward to a grown-up looking roof deck, we will be getting another one of these for the five year old, and the one year old who is now just the age to enjoy it. Honestly, because this is so fun, it makes it so that the roof deck is like a giant play pen, where kids can play, and adults can relax. Though hot tub + sandbox may not be an ideal combination :/ It does take a while to build. I seem to remember it being about 2 years. But for 6 years of fun it was unquestionably worth it, and I'm not even sorry to have to build it again--though this time I will put a transparent clear coat over the paint to see if I can't get an extra season before having to re-paint it.

    NJ Super DadNJ Super Dad
    MY KID LOVES IT - plus how to add a floor!

    I must say this product looks amazing when completed, and my 20 month year old little boy will not come out of it. He even peaks his head out of our upstairs window and likes to look and point at his new Pirate Sandbox.Overall I give the product a 4 out of 5 Stars, but you can make it a perfect 5 with just a little more effort from your local hardware store. The finished product looks exactly like the picture, yes, it's really that nice looking. However, you should note that it does not come with a floor, instead they give you a very heavy gauge plastic bottom. I would estimate the thickness of the plastic to be the equivalent of two contractor bags.The actual assembly was fairly painless, you need to place all the wooden pieces with the numbers facing up outside in the backyard (you may have trouble getting the fully assembled product through a door). I would suggest that you use a very high quality ratchet screw driver, my absolute favorite is the Ivy Classic. You should use a good quality Phillips head and matching hex in the ratcheting screw driver. Following the assembly instructions was quite easy, but time consuming, you want everything tight but not over tightened, otherwise you'll risk cracking. Be sure to make sure all pieces have the matching bolts on the opposite side, so you can tighten properly.My item came with a flag post top that's screw was to short, so I had to drill a 3/4" hole in the cross beam about 1/3" deep. This was the only real mishap with the parts received, the package did arrive in decent condition.Now, the fun part, that can turn this almost into a real boat that can last for many years to come. It became obvious that the design was subject to body sway and overtime this would be an issue, plus only having a plastic liner in the front section would not protect the middle seat section or the last section.My solution, which cost under $50 in building materials from my local big home improvement reseller, was to get a 4 foot by 8 foot piece of plywood meant to be outdoors. It cost me about $20 for the plywood sheet, I did not get the treated plywood, since I didn't want kids to touch any of the toxins (pesticides and wood preservatives). I put the completed Pirate Sandboat on the plywood, then traced a 2" perimeter line around the entire structure. Then using a circular saw, while holding the wood on a picnic table, cut out the previously traced "bottom."Next, I purchased three packages of "2 in. Corner Braces, Galvanized 4-Pack", so a total of 12 all together to attach the new bottom to the boat. I first however used Thompson Water Seal on the underside and let it dry overnight. The next day I looked at the stress points that the sides of the pirate boat and used the Corner Braces to strategically secure the "new" bottom.The result has been impressive, I don't have to worry about 4 kids in the Pirate Sandbox destroying or breaking anything. It is solid as a rock, and I anticipate it lasting many, many years.My final project with the Pirate Sandbox is to use Helmsman Spar Urethane to protect the outer layer of all the wood surfaces. I had contemplated using silicone clear waterproof caulking around the new bottom, but after filling the sandbox part with 12 bags of Play Sand (about $4.50 per / bag), none leaked out, so I held off. I'd also suggest that you put one of the corner braces on the inside bottom of each seat to the center mast. I'll try post better pictures of all 12 bracket locations.My 1 1/2 year old has not come out of the sandbox, and spends hours everyday playing in the sand and driving it all over the ocean with his imagination. I bought some plastic pirate swords, so his cousins can walk the plank and prevent any mutinies on board.I'll Post the photo's today, and I'll try and post some of the video we shot of the kids playing in the near future. If you have any questions on the construction of the floor I'd be happy to answer them via email.Update April 3rd, 2014 - The Pirate Sandbox is still being used by my now 5 y/o and 4 y/o. We have continued to add sand over the years (since they now have a digger and manage to eventually move the sand to the outside). The customized plywood bottom began to warp, so we just purchased 5 inexpensive patio square concrete stones (about 2" high and 12"x12" square), this helped put the structure above the water line always, so bad weather doesn't damage the sandbox. We also use Red and Blue Spray paint to occasionally make it look new again. The kids are excited that Spring is finally here, and they are looking forward to another adventurous season on the high seas. I'll try and post some updated pictures when I get a chance.

    She's CraftyShe's Crafty
    Add a plywood bottom for a great little pirate ship

    I took another reviewer's advice and added a floor to this boat when I built it (we do not use this as a sandbox, just a play ship). I used a good quality birch and painted it with deck paint to match the poles. After I assembled the boat, we placed it over the plywood and traced the plywood, then cut it and screwed it on from the bottom. We placed the boat on a pallet to keep the bottom from rotting on the ground. The entire process from box to boat took about five hours for one person to build, including adding and painting the floor. We have been very happy with the result, and it is sturdy enough for my husband and I both to climb into to play with our son.My only complaint about this kit is that we were missing some important pieces. Since this was a birthday present, we were under some time pressure to get this completed. I called KidKraft, and they directed me to a page on their website dedicated to ordering missing parts. The parts came just in time, but I would advise anyone buying this as a gift to give yourself an extra two weeks if you can to build it, just in case the kit is missing pieces, since apparently this is a common occurrence.

    Muy chulo y divertido

    Esta genial.Buen material quisa le falta una tabla debajo del barquito pero la verdad q muy bien

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