Fun Games Kids Can Play in A Bounce House

Fun Games Kids Can Play in A Bounce House

We’ve all seen kids, and even some adults, light up at the sight of an inflatable bounce house. And who could blame them? Life is just that much more fun when you can defy gravity a little bit. Not to mention, there are many significant health benefits gets jumping around bouncers. 

Bounce house has become increasingly popular, especially at kids’ birthday parties and other outdoor events now more than ever. To keep every party guest engaged with what is going on around them, we’ve put together a list of fun activities to do at your hopping house party - what we think are the best ideas, suitable for all ages. And the good news is, they only require your bounce house.

1. Freeze Bounce
This activity is a fun way to keep the kids active while they’re on your bouncing house. It can be played in many ways, but the rules are simple. First, a song is played over the loudspeaker or via an iPhone or iPod. As soon as the music starts, all the kids in your bounce house must freeze. Once it’s over, they can move again.

2. Tumble Race
Get the kids lined up against one side of the wall. You will then divide all of the kids into teams, or you can even have a free-for-all and have everyone compete against each other. The kids will then have to run from one end of the area and complete several tumbles. The child who completes all their tumbles first and reaches the other side of the bounce house wins.

3. Bouncy Volley Balloon
The children will be divided into two teams, and then two designated players from each group will get inside the bounce house. One child from each team will then have to hit the volley-balloon over to the other team. Once a team has hit the volley-balloon over the other team, their designated player will have to run to the other side of the jump house and catch the volleyball. If you want to make the game more interesting, you can also include another ball for each team.

4. Bouncy Dodgeball
Dodgeball is a great game, but if you move it indoors a little, it’s enough to make the kids run around your bounce house like a bunch of crazy chickens! Throw some dodgeballs, and one by one, pick your team on the bounce house and throw the ball as far as possible. The child who gets hit by the ball and doesn’t falls off loses a point. The child who gets hit by the ball and fall off is out of the game. The child who receives the most points wins.

5. Bounce Around the House
The children will work in groups of four to six, and each team needs at least one adult to play the game with them. Each team member will get a small ball so that the children can throw it from one to another. The adult will watch the children, and then when the adult shouts “Go!”, the children will have to throw the ball around the group as fast as possible.

As you can see, there are endless ways to keep party guests entertained with a bounce house. From our experience, however, the best games are the inclusive ones. This means that anyone can play the game and participate, regardless of their age or physical ability. The kids will be blown away by your magnificent inflatable castle, and they’ll play until they collapse!

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