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    High Chairs & Booster Seats

    The primary consideration in looking for a chair is safety. Make sure there are straps, and a bar that can hold the baby's legs in place to prevent him from sliding under the tray. Likewise, check the durability and stability of the chair. The baby high chair you should be looking for has a wide base. Jiggle the chair up a little bit and see how it can withhold a shaking baby.

    For parents who plan to use a best baby high chair for a long time, chairs with height adjustment mechanism is a great option. They can initially set it low for infant feedings, detach the tray and change the height. As the child grows, they can easily modify it according to the size of the baby. Infants, on the other hand, will be more comfortable with a reclining chair. Also, it is perfect for toddlers who tend to sleep over their food after a long and tiring day.

    You can find many types of baby high chair in the market. No matter which one you choose, the most important thing is you should always keep an eye on your baby. While using your wooden booster seats for toddlers, make sure that your child is buckled in. Never leave him alone, and make sure the tray is locked in place. Also, do not leave any sharp items within his reach. Finally, give your baby something to play with.

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