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    Foam Play Sets

    Are you looking to buy foam play sets? If true, there are many styles you can buy. Foam blocks are some of the modern styles that most kids appreciate. There are a variety of them such that you can get any size, shape and color. They also serve different purposes. Speaking of purposes, how many of you know that a foam block set provides all round benefits? Just as wooden counterparts, these foam play sets are very useful as far as enhancing a child's intellectual capacity. So long as you make sure your child uses them this way, the pieces are safe and will stay in their place – whether you use them on carpet or hard flooring. We’ve used ours on carpets, a baby play mat, and even the kitchen floor (laminate planks) with no issue.

    Although foam play sets should never replace mommy or daddy's attention to a child, they are very necessary. The moment you know that your little one is busy playing with harmless dolls, you also feel peaceful and relaxed. If you think a squishy plaything is perfect for your kid, then foam play sets are the answer. The mere fact that these items are easy to press and retain their normal shape can excite a child. Besides, these foam play sets are very colorful and children tend to prefer vivid gifts. Months later, they’re also still in great shape – even with daily use, climbing, and jumping – my preschooler likes to pretend they’re stepping stones too and often jumps from block to block.

    Further, the baby blocks come in various geometric shapes, which facilitate early education. Whether you want them for a kid sister, brother, cousin or for a friend's child, foam play sets is the best choice you have. It tends to work best for little kids because by squeezing, their fingers become stronger. Babies and toddlers are curious so be sure to ALWAYS supervise your child when they play with these foam climbing blocks. I also recommend keeping the blocks away from furniture and other pieces your baby may climb onto – I have an early walk this time around and she uses these climbing blocks to get up onto the couch! Instead, we make an effort to put them in the center of our baby play mat because when N falls over one of the edges, the playmat absorbs more of the impact from her falls than the carpet does.

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