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    Based on 1649 reviews
    Good price and kids love it

    The best investment for the kids this summer they love it. I'm definitely going to invest in another one. Makes all the family events extra fun!

    Life changer!

    I adore this wagon!!! I have 3 toddlers who all seem to be going in different directions. I've tried everything from letting my kids walk to a triple stroller to a double with one in a carrier. All were exhausting. I'm serious when I say, this wagon has changed my life! Grocery shopping, clothes shopping, park trips...literally everything, was scheduled to where I had at least 1 other person to help me wrangle the kids. Not anymore! I haven't even had the wagon that long and I've already gotten my money's worth! I finally feel like I can safely take all of my kids out alone, without worrying about them running away or fighting over the stroller seats. I don't know how I made it so long without it!


    The kids love it (ages 3-6). Wish it had a better way to drain the pool area. It also takes a couple hours to dry before we can put it away

    Pretty Good So far

    Have only had it for a little over a month. So far it has worked just fine. Kids love it.

    Works well and last years

    My 3 kids play on this at the same time. That 2 11 year olds and 1 4 year old. This is the second one of these I have bought the first one lasted about 5 years and would have lasted longer but I got lazy putting it up after awhile.

    Best Idea Yet

    This was the best idea for keeping my grandson busy during the Covid-19 lockdown. He was so bored until we got this for him. He loves it! It's sitting on sand so he can build sand castles and play in the water too! Like having a water park on the beach. Well worth the money!!

    Grandkids love it!

    Quite easy to put up and take down.

    Hours of fun!!

    I bought this for my 6 year old and 3 year old daughters and it is one of the best purchases I have made! The slide bouncer is super easy to set up and inflates in less than 2 minutes using the air pump that comes with the slide. My children have used it with and without water and have fun either way.

    JOYMOR Inflatable Water Slide Park Water Slides Inflatables Bouncer House for Kids and Adults Backyard Outdoor Fun w/Air Blower

    So much fun!

    I was skeptical of this purchase with some of the reviews, but we definitely lucked out! It was not difficult to assemble, but slightly time consuming because of all the screws and DEFINITELY wanting it installed into studs. All our holes lined up EXCEPT for the L brackets that stabilize it more to the wall. (No biggie we just drilled new holes). I recommend having a drill as opposed to using the tool they provide. I’m sure it knocked off over an hour of assembly time!
    The wood looks great, no mold as some reviews ended up with. We did have some surfaces near the edges splinter and pop off but we just sanded it down a bit.
    As adults, we won’t be using it as it doesn’t feel like it would support us very well from the hanging bars. My kids (6 and 8) have been on it every day and can’t get enough!!

    Great for kids! Well constructed!

    Very well constructed! Grandchildren LOVE it! Only problem is mildew. Need help how to remove it!

    Best quarantine purchase

    This is the best quarantine purchase I��ve made yet. My daughter is about 95 pounds and my son is about 75. It does not sink when they are both sitting on the top. This is going to be an awesome summer thing for them to do.

    Wet and wild

    Very sturdy! Grann girls love it! A little expensive but seems durable snd safe

    Great investment

    This thing is perfect. It's not super huge or super tall. Probably about 9 feet high. Once inflated it's ready in under a few minutes. The kids absolutely love it. I'm 5'8" 175lbs and I was climbing all over it too. Cautiously of course as I can tell I'm pushing the limits a bit. The only thing I'm not looking forward to is folding it up and putting it away. I highly suggest placing a big plastic tarp under it to avoid poking holes in it.

    A blast for the grandchildren

    Has been very durable , easy for me to set up within 5 minutes the grandchildren are having a blast! Been very durable expected them to pull something apart. Starting to wear at the seams many air bubbles but the air from the fan is still holding up. The grandchildren ask me to put it up every time they are here!

    Great durable and fun

    We have had a couple of 11 year olds and a couple of 9 year old on this and it held up great. It packs up ok in the bag, although it��s a bit of a struggle. Overall it was worth the money and I think we will get a few years out of it.

    JOYMOR Inflatable Bounce House Little Kids Jumping Castle with Slide Inflatable Bouncer With Air Blower

    Love this thing

    My grandkids love this!! We have had parties with multiple children on it all at one time. I even went down it myself. Have had no problems or issues. I just wish there was an easy way to dry it before storing.

    Great Entertainment

    So far we��re having no problems. We have been using it a month now Very durable. My five-year-old son loves it

    Lots of Fun!

    The kids loved it! Big hit at birthday party!


    Perfect for both of my boys. It��s sturdy enough for both to climb at the same time. Well worth the money

    Good quality.

    My daughter loved it. Had a few minor leaks but stated could be expected.

    Awesome slide

    We received this slide a day late but it didn't take away from all the fun. When researching slides I realized JOYMOR was the only company that offered a 90 day warranty. When we set the slide out and connected the blower, it blew up in minutes. Assembly was a synch too. My daughter loves this slide. It's very sturdy too. We did buy a locking hefty plastic tub to store it in to make sure it stores easily.

    Very durable

    So this is a great bed and it’s very durable for my kids easy for them to use. The only complaint I have is that the instructions are not clear as to how to put it together. It took us 5 hours to put it together.

    Love it!

    I am really pleased with this bunk bed. The instructions could have been a little more clear but I was able to figure it out. It took me about 4.5 hours total to put them together- I did it by myself without any major issues. The beds are very sturdy. I did follow another reviewers advice to wait until the end to tighten all the screws and the instructions also say that. I ordered 5 inch foam mattresses also from Amazon. Overall I am really happy with this purchase and would definitely recommend for young kids. The size is perfect - not too high.

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