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Trail rated.

This wagon is excellent. It's comfortable for our baby and has plenty of storage space.


Perfect for our 3 year old and new baby. The infant seat rests nicely facing sideways on top of the wagon and we use a bungee cord to hold it in place. Our 3 year old loves how high up she sits in this and she can lay down on the floor of the wagon for a nap. The all terrain wheels seem to be holding up well to the gravel road we live on and the shocks make the ride smooth on uneven surfaces. Has lots of storage and is super easy to push. It is bulky and heavy but no worse than other less functional double stroller. We get compliments about it a lot and recommend to anyone in need of a great double stroller.

Perfect Fit For my son

I needed something suitable for my tall, 46-pound son as strollers no longer work for him. This is perfect and makes doctor visits easier for a disabled person.

Absolutely love!

Perfect for our 21-month-old daughter with ample leg space and room for her diaper bag.

This is amazing

This is the best investment I have ever made. I have 3 children under the age of 5 and 2 being autistic. It was honestly impossible to go anywhere because the two autistic children wanted to run off. This wagon has given us the ability to go out again. This has plenty of storage and so easy to steer. I can't say enough good about it!

Worth the price

Our family went through 2 other brand wagons and I finally caved and bought this. Held up to weight of young kids, easy on unpaved surfaces as well, it was easy to put together, steers amazing and love the handles on both sides. Smidge heavy when putting away.


We took this to Rehoboth Beach with my 1-year-old and her 3-year-old cousin. We loved it! It has lots of storage, shades, and seatbelts.


Worth every penny best purchase I ever made so easy to maneuver and fold

This thing is AMAZING!!

My husband and I enjoy the joymor stroller wagon a lot. It's more cost-effective compared to other brands


Affordable, high-quality with footwell and storage. Push-pull handle and all-terrain wheels. Could use longer shade covers, but overall great buy.

We love this wagon!!!!

This is an all-in-one stroller and wagon that's user-friendly and comfortable for kids, with convenient cup holders. Its sand maneuverability could be better.

Luxury wagon

This wagon is amazing! Easy to put together. So many storage compartments and plenty of room for 4 kids. I was even able to put an infant insert in it to fit my 3 month old. I purchased this snow/rain cover for it so it can last as long as possible. I also purchased a mat to go on the floor of it. I purchased this to use for my daycare because I have 4 kids between the ages of 0-3 including my own and we have to walk to pick up my oldest child from school so this will be perfect to keep them warm inside. I took it on a test drive and it goes around corners well. It was hard going up my driveway though where there is a hill, will probably have to be pulled up not pushed. Overall I feel like it's well worth the price!

high quality

It's highly durable and effective. Easy to set up.

JOYMOR Double Stroller Wagon Featuring 2 Face-to-Face Seats 5-Point Harnesses

Nice looking and smooth handling stroller/wagon

It offers versatile usage, is durable, and comes with thoughtful features such as a footrest, and water bottle pockets. The stroller can be adapted to accommodate an infant and an older child simultaneously. It performs well on various surfaces, and even when fully loaded, it's easy to push or pull.


My daughter enjoys using this for her son's park and pool visits.


Wasn't expecting it to be so big but the mother to be loves it

Wow! This is awesome!

It's sturdy and roomy, great for soccer games and outings.


I was excited during setup, only to be disappointed when I found the handles in poor condition. They unwrapped as is, with one side appearing used and neglected. Very disappointing.

Talk about a life changer!

After visiting the pumpkin patch in October, we knew we needed a new wagon. I almost talked my husband out of buying this wagon because of the price, but I was happy I didn't. When it came in, the setup was so easy I could have done it myself.Best purchase to end off this year

Highly recommend this Stroller

As a mother of three little girls under 3, I've tried a variety of strollers and different wagon brands. However, this stroller/wagon stands out because of its thoughtful design and convenience for users. It should be the first and only choice for those with young children.

Amazing!! Happy with it.

Great! Easy to maneuver. Ideal for my kids. Roomy.