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You gotta see this before ordering. Worth buying

Looks nice

Grandkids love it

Perfect size for kids. Super easy to set up. Inflates in no more than 2 minutes.

Best summer toy ever!

We bought this as birthday gift for our daughter. Our kids ages 7, 5, 3 and all love this "waterpark". It is well made and the blower fans that come with it are excellent as well. Setup was easy peasy. The investment is worth it! With proper storage it should be around for future summers to enjoy. Highly recommend!!!

Good quality, sturdy enough for me to use slide with grand kids. And I weigh 165 lbs.

I think it should have came with a Y connecter for water hookup. But other than that it is easy to set up. Oldest grandchild is 10 and youngest is 1. Both are having a great time on it.

Easy & fun!

My girls love it. I love it. There is enough room for a few adults to sit in comfortably while the kids play. It was a quick and easy set up. I would recommend buying a tarp (14ftx14ft) to use under it to prevent holes from rocks. Take down was easy. I dont know how I'm supposed to roll it small enough to fit in the storage bag but I have a shed big enough to keep it in.

In love with this product!

I love how the product opens up to the side of my bed and I can reach my baby so easy! Also the 2 different levels the side comes down to is a very combiner feature! I had my baby 6 weeks ago and this has been a blessing g to have! We love it!

Rainbow Inflatable!

I bought this for my 3 year old and 2 year old girls. They absolutely love it! The install was so easy, I was able to do it myself. So easy to take down, move around, and set back up. It’s the perfect size for their age and keeps them entertained all day long! 😊🌈

Better than others.

Great purchase we made for our baby.
Its very sturdy, the fabric around it is thick which gave us way more trust on product.
The crib fitted perfectly by our bed which is easy for me to pick up my baby to feedings during the night on our bed without having to leave the bed.

Not very travel friendly

First off, this play pen is very heavy. With that being said, if you are wanting to use it in a house and not travel with it, I think it would be great for that. There is quite a lot of assembly at first to get everything together, but set after that is pretty easy. You do need to follow the instructions to be able to set up the crib properly, but it is not too difficult once you know what you are doing. Overall nice crib.


This has all of the bells and whistles in it that you normally can't get all in one. Seems sturdy and heavy duty too.

Great for Co-Sleepers!

We are a cosleeping family and this crib is the closest thing we can find! I had to add some padding and blankets under to higher it up and make it flush to my bed. Also, it doesnt come with a mattress. I added a large boppy bed and a thin blanket on top for my newborn and will eventually get a mattress.
I also added my own mobile.

Great quality!

Great for kids

Great for my.3 girls ages 2,5 and 7 wouldn't recommend for larger kids

2th summer

This is our 2th summer with this slide and it’s still a huge hit with our kids and their friends. Great quality, I am sure we will get a few more summers out of it

My kid loves it

This is so much fun for my 3 year old son!! It’s easy and quick to set up.

product met expectations

Product appears to be well made and was a big hit with the children. Product durability and product longevity are still to be determined.

Excellent quality

Bought this to replace one that busted with small children and light wear. Very happy with the quality!


Was exactly what we were looking for !

Best purchase!

When I was looking into toddler bounce houses for my daughter’s birthday, I found this and noticed it was cheaper to buy one than to rent one. This bounce house was literally the hit of her party! Fit so many kids at one time, was so easy to blow up (literally 10 seconds), and now we get to blow it up whenever she wants! 11/10 recommend!


We have only used it one time, but my grandkids said it was the best slide ever! They have played on many, so it made me happy

It was a hit

My kids loved it. It was a hit. We used it dry several times. When wet it is more slippery


Received this item November 2022 and my grandkids and neighbors' kids still play on it. Every time my grandsons are here, which is often, they want to play on the water slide. It has functioned perfectly and has been used often, coming up on 1 year, no issues. Durable (good quality material). Would highly recommend. It is easy to blow up and only takes a couple of minutes. You just roll it out, attach the fan to the sleeve, Velcro the water tubing and its ready to go. Turn it off, it deflates quickly. I leave it to dry and then roll it back up. One person can set it up, but I let my husband roll it up and store it as it is a little heavy. But it is easy for me to drag out of the container, lay it out, and hook it up. Lots of fun!

Great for grandkids

So far so good. It is great for our grandkids and it looks well built but only time will tell. Easy to set up and take down.

So fun!

So far it’s a hit! We suspect continued endless fun. Can’t wait for the summer to play outside!