Time to Build a Backyard Obstacle Course!

Time to Build a Backyard Obstacle Course!

There are many fun ways to keep children active and having fun. From online exercise classes to playing with friends, sports are never boring. Our favorite new sport is to build an obstacle course to help children exercise their physical and mental muscles!


What You Need for An Obstacle Course?

Turning your backyard into an obstacle course is much easier than you think. All you need is a set of JOYMOR Ninja Obstacle Course Training Kit.

It includes many obstacles: 59 feet slack line with 16 pendants, 3 gymnastics rings, 3 horizontal bars, 3 webbing knots, 1 climb ladder, 1 ratchet, 2 tree covers, 1 polyester cloth bag, 1 tape measure and 1 manual.

Watch the video below to learn some tips, starting from the setting of the ninja line, to build a perfect DIY obstacle course.


Benefits of JOYMOR Obstacle Course

A perfect ninja warrior game will improve your physical strength and core strength while having fun! It is very suitable for children's brain development, gymnastics training, coordination development and attention improvement.

  • Slackline: JOYMOR includes a slackline that you can connect to all other obstacles. You can use this line independently like walking a tightrope. This is a great way to improve balance and core stability.
  • Obstacles: There are various obstacles, such as gymnastics rings and nylon knots, combined with the challenges of grasping and rope climbing, to exercise strength and coordination through upper arms, forearms, backs and grips.


How Much Will It Cost?

It's really amazing for the price of this JOYMOR course is less than $100! People of all ages and all levels are allowed to join. What a great deal.


Time to Build a Backyard Obstacle Course!

If you have not tried an obstacle course before, or your child is a fan of Ultimate Beastmaster or American Ninja Warrior, then building an epic obstacle course in your backyard is a great project to improve your workout to an exciting new level.

Click here if you want one: https://www.joymor.com/products/joymor-nc59-ninja-obstacle-course-red

Make your backyard the envy of your neighbors this summer!

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