Toy Storage Solution You Need

Toy Storage Solution You Need

If you’ve got kids, you’ve got clutter too. This seems inevitable, but it doesn't have to be. Toys take up a lot of space, and if your kids don’t clean up by themselves, they may take up more space. If this sounds way too familiar, then it’s time to take control of the clutter and reclaim your space.


A functional and clever toy storage solution - JOYMOR Toy Storage Organizer and Bookshelf is the key.


Practical Layered Design

This JOYMOR storage shelf is specially designed to meet the needs of children, providing 4 tiers and enough space to help children learn how to organize.

There is a slotted tier at the top to store children's books, coloring books and notebooks. The arched baffle design can not only effectively prevent the books from falling, but also does not hinder children's vision, helping children to easily identify the books on the shelf.

The open design of the middle 2 tiers allow easy and quick retrieval of books and toys from the shelves.

A large removable bottom rolling bin is suitable for storing more toys and heavier items. With 4 universal wheels, children can easily bring the toys to where they want and then easily organize them and move them back to their original positions. The delicate cloud-shaped handle can be easily pulled out or pushed back into the drawer.


Good Height

It’s 34.3 inches tall, so it’s just right for your child’s height, allowing them to easily access toys and books.


Durable and Easy to Assemble

Made of wear-resistant MDF, stable and durable. Easy to assemble with the included simple instruction and labeled pieces.


Multifunctional Use

This JOYMOR storage organizer is not only a good bookshelf or toy storage cabinet for kid's playground, but also provides space for your kids to play and read. It's the perfect catch-all for storing comic books, toys, and even clothes and socks. Comes with a metal, which can drill on the wall to offer better stability and allow children to play safely. Simple and classic, it can be easily integrated into various decorative styles. Very suitable for organizing children's rooms, playrooms and bedrooms, halls and family rooms.


Check Price and Availability Here: JOYMOR Kids Toy Storage Organizer and Bookshelf Blue/Pink/White


It is never too early to start teaching children's organizational skills. When every toy has a home, they will know exactly where to look for it. Use JOYMOR now to make the organization fun!

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