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    Based on 16 reviews
    Ali Agha
    Pretty Good So far

    Have only had it for a little over a month. So far it has worked just fine. Kids love it.

    Great for kids! Well constructed!

    Very well constructed! Grandchildren LOVE it! Only problem is mildew. Need help how to remove it!

    A lee
    Great Entertainment

    So far we��re having no problems. We have been using it a month now Very durable. My five-year-old son loves it

    Gee mee funGee mee fun
    Greatest intertainment for kids!!!

    Great product, sturdy, and very intertaining for kids. It was an all day or all weekend activity, got it for my sons birthday party was the best intertanment I ever got him. he is 3 and his and it was perfect for him and kids as old as 12 where having a great time on it. It is extremely easy to blow up

    Katy M.
    Kids love it

    Smaller then i was expecting but kids still love it! My girls are 5, 9, 12.

    Great water slide for an adult

    The water slide is really durable. We have had it for a little over week now. The material does feel really thick. Setting it up is not that hard. The slide is heavy to carry. Especially after we use it. I let it air out for a while after we are done. It takes 2 people to get any extra water left on it because it is a lot heavier. Over all to set up takes 1 person and then 2 people afterwards. My kids are 11 yrs old and 13 yrs old and held up for both of them. I couldn't have both going down the slide or climb up at the same time. Just one of them at the top made it sink in a little. I would not try letting them go at the same time. My boys are big for thier ages. My youngest is about 5' 7 and husky and my oldest is about 5' 6 and about 150 pounds. I even had gone down the slide a few times. It held up for each of us. The only problem we had was when either one of my sons or when I went down it. At the end of the slide we went over the side into the grass. It didn't hurt just got grass on us. I will post another review after a little longer of us having it. If you are looking for a water slide to hold an adult this will hold an adult.

    Bamm Bamm
    My kids love this slide

    It was worth every penny and has been non stop fun since we bought it for my sons 6th birthday party. Its very each to inflate, put together, feels durable and was fun for hours!! Its a great slide!

    A Cravens
    Really great product!

    After reading reviews of mildew, we took extra precautions to dry it out thoroughly after every use and have had zero problems. We also store it in an open laundry basket to avoid sealing it up in a container. We've used it for several parties and many private uses and it holds up well. An adult weighing 200 lbs can even take a ride or two with out worry of damaging. Great value for our kids, especially in the Texas summer heat!

    Daughter loves it!

    We have used it 4 times so far. My daughter (10) LOVES it & so do the neighbor kids! ?? So much fun!

    Ellen L. Richardson
    As advertised. Right on time delivery

    Liked that it was exactly as advertised. Great value for the money. Would recommend this product to anyone

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