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    Such a great investment!

    We are using this now for the second summer and it has held up beautifully even with the occasional 200lbs of my husband jumping up there to play. A couple birthday parties with multiple kids. We set up right on the grass and make sure it dries out before folding. Excellent buy for many years of fun! Worth the investment.

    Extremely Durable!!

    We purchased this slide for our 9 year old daughter because the water parks are all closed for the summer.The first weekend she used it without water and had a great time. It was easy to set up and didn't take any time to blow all the way up.We decided to bring it to a birthday party, and it was warm enough to use the water. There were 6 kids age 4-10. They really used it, and went down a hundred times. The slide worked exactly as expected, and held up way better than we thought it would.We have recommended it to a ton of people

    Great purchase!

    I was so skeptical but I am glad I purchased this for the kids. It held up to two 8 year olds, a 9 year old, a toddler and an adult with no issues whatsoever. My husband was able to set it up in less than 20 minutes, the quality is great for the price, it really didn't disappoint and we plan to purchase more from this brand in the future.

    Very durable

    Great product. Had for about 2 years now and it��s holding up very well!!

    Joni from Arkansas
    Summer fun!

    I love this waterslide! I bought it for my granddaughters, aged 2 and 5. I like that it holds water at the bottom of the slides, but only about 6 inches deep or so. Also I like that it has an overflow spot built on the end where water can rush over the side if the water level gets too deep. The only thing that could be better is the climbing wall to get up to the slides- my two year can't climb using those holes and handholds. A ladder type would be easier I think.

    Hours of fun for the kids

    With summer temps rising we thought this would be super fun for the kids. It gives our 4 year old and our 6 year old hours of entertainment. Very durable. We store it in a large garbage can and it��s great! Well worth the money

    Julie Holden
    Great for 4 and 7 yr old

    I thought this seemed the biggest of other inflatable slides in this price point. My daughter is 7 and it works well for her and my 4 yr old. So far it��s been a hit. Hardest part is the take down. We are lazy and empty the water and just leave it out. I am sure I��ll regret it but rarely have the energy to put it fully away.

    A lot fun for the kids

    The kids have use this several times already this summer, almost to the point that we just have to leave it out so it can be re-inflated the next day. The construction is really durable. It alternates from the reinforced nylon fabric to vinyl (slide). The sewing of around the entire inflatable, including the straps on the wall have been able to support climbing from kids ranging from 24lbs to 56lbs. The tubing that supplies the waterfall on the slides and the water cannon has already sprung a leak for us, and fortunately this is a fairly easy inexpensive fix. Water will circulate in the internal compartments of the slide and this makes it really hard to allow it to fully dry and clean so as not to promote any microbial growth.

    brian matthew cortez
    Awesome slide!!

    It was sturdy and takes a beating we have had this thing full of adults and it is still working amazing! The nets up top suck, that was the only weak point

    Great quality and size and fun all day.

    Great product adults can slide down with kids. Of course there is a weight limit of 350 pound limit total at one time. I weight 180 pounds and I was able to go climb up the wall and slide down the slide with my daughters. Both my wife and I could sit on the pool at the bottom and our 4 and 6 year olds could slide down and climb with us in the pool. They played In literally from 11 am to 6pm and were exhausted when they were done. Make sure you dry it out. I shut the blower off stood on the side of the pool letting the after out. When there was enough out I lifter it up to drain the rest. I then slide the entire thing to a dry spot propped a small chair under the pool and turned the blower back on and let it dry in the sun for a half hour. Then shut blower off and opened the exhaust port and let it deflate. Make sure you get the water out of the hose and I rolled it up and put it into a brute trash can. All item will fit In that. The bag was hard to get the inflatable in and will not hold the blower. The brute cab works great for storage. We will see if it holds up to continued use.

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