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    Wet and wild

    Very sturdy! Grann girls love it! A little expensive but seems durable snd safe

    Keri A. DeMasi
    Very sturdy, good quality

    Very easy to set up! Extremely durable and sturdy! Wasn't sure if my older girls would be too big for it but it is great!

    Benjamin Hoyt
    Good entertainment

    Great entertainment for children in the summer. Holds multiple kids without falling over.

    Would buy again because it was easy, durable, exactly as described and the fun is worth the cost!

    Bought for my Grandkids ages 11mths- 2-12 &15yrs. LOVED IT!! Perfect for young ages but older ones had fun as well!! 2 yr old tackled the climbing wall in 6 tries!! He was totally doing it all on his own!! Very durable and sturdy. Water spray works well and love how you can see both slides at same time. No hidden area for the little ones to be unseen. The front pool part was big enough for the 11mth old to splash safely with mom while watching the action!Easy to set up and take down. Set it level so you have enough water to use both slides. If has to slant make it slant toward front so water flows evenly into pool. This keeps it full when big kids splash it out. We keep it folded up and on patio ready to use!! It was that easy to pull back out. Light enough to take in car trunk to another was backyard for new fun!! Didn't damage grass and was up ALL DAY! Then again the next! But when finished and deflated..DON’T LEAVE it on grass!! We deflated and pulled to new area to dry and with heat burned the grass. Left it there too long.I am VERY PLEASED with purchase!! When toddlers are older I will look at the more advanced ones . But it was PERFECT for now!!

    Fantastic fun for the kiddos!

    This thing is awesome! Super fun for all the neighborhood kids! We bring this out most weekends in the front yard. Set up takes about 5 minutes. Definitely recommend following instructions, specifically when taking it down.

    What a great slide for outdoor fun!

    LIKE: This has been with us for a year now and it's been truly FUN. My kiddos love when we take it out, friends have borrowed it because it's super simple to travel with, and it's made hot days much more enjoyable outside.DISLIKE: Only positive reviews for this product. ?With love, Thais @localfloridalifestyle

    Carol T.
    Easy to set up and take down

    This is super easy to set up and take down. The kids absolutely love it. 5 on the top at one time with no problem. Worth the money to have then play outside♥️

    Worth the money

    My 5 year old and 2 year old love this water slide! I was hesitant at first to purchase because of the price but it has been well worth it. Renting a water slide for one day costs almost the same price and we��ve been using the slide all summer. Highly recommend!

    1 month in and a great purchase for a summer at home!

    Bought this for my 4 and 6 yr old and it was an instant favorite! We have had friends over and 6 kids on it all at once and there was plenty of room for them to all have fun.

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