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    Perfect summer activity!

    This thing is great! Super easy to set up and my 4 1/2 year old loves it. I do wish there was a way to block off one of the water spouts because he's not a huge fan of the one at the top of the slide so I have to carefully redirect it. It dries well so long as you drain the pool and leave the blower running for a while after playtime is over. Also, if you take the water hose portion and tie it off in the air exit valve on the other side of the slide it helps to fully dry out the hose so no mold will form.

    After much research

    So after looking around checking bouncy houses and more importantly watching videos of some, I chose this for my little niece, she's only 20 months old but a lil powerhouse. What sold me was a video of daddy with his lil 2yr old girl setting it up then enjoying it together.

    Pamela Purcell
    Grandkids love it

    I am a grandmother of 4 boys (ages 5, 3, & 17 month old twins) and I babysit during the week. The weather here in TN has been so hot and we can go outside much. I needed an activity for the boys to stay active. Ordered this and it is been wonderful! I put it my basement playroom and the boys love it. They jump twice a day usually. Makes for a good nap time too 😉 set up was super easy. Seems to be made good. Had it for a few weeks now and I's say I'se gotten my money's Worth. 👍👍👍

    A little expensive but my daughter and her friends loves it

    My daughter loves it !

    Great quality for price

    I bought this for my son's 3rd birthday party and it was a huge hit. It held up well to 20 children playing on it for hours, and they all said it was so much fun. Great quality for the cost as well. Highly recommend.

    Derek Cochran
    Great Bouncy House!

    We love this! it's great, feels quality! My husband who is 6 ft 5 and I have jumped in this separately with our girls, and have not been worried about it popping!I do want to say we got this "open box- like new" which was a joke as Amazon did not open it when a previous customer returned it. When we opened it up it had confetti, dirt, etc. all over along with holes. I was able to patch the holes with a needle and thick thread, and it's working great! However, I know amazon had a return window and this inconsiderate family used it heavily without any care or concern about effects, and tore it up in the 30 or however many day window. Since it was able to be torn up in this short time, I rated it lower for durability. However it's great after fixing!

    Offers much needed joy for the whole family

    We are all locked in our homes, and it��s driving the kids and their parents crazy. Every park and playground is closed. Luckily we live in Texas and temps are up in April. This thing has been awesome to help the kids to release their energy. Hours of fun this weekend. We have a small back yard, but I decided to put it on our driveway because it��s easier to setup and store in the garage. I have put foam tiles under it to protect from concrete. Hopefully it will last trough the summer.

    Great but FYI tiny carry bag!

    All is good, EXCEPT for the small bag they expect you to fit this time into - you��re lucky if you fit half of the pool into the bag I was sent.

    We love this thing!

    Got this bouncy house for our finished basement since it's one big open room. It has super low ceilings though so I bought this one for the low height. It inflates super quick and is really easy to set up. It's on tile but doesn's slide around which is nice. I also like all the openings because the kids aren's crowding around the same side. Of course that doesn's stop them from going down the slide all together! It's super sturdy and it's fit 5 or 6 kids on it no problem. Either me or my husband with get in and jump with our 2 and 4 year old boys and it def depresses some but not too bad. We'se used it almost daily for about 5 months now and it still works as new. It's also easy to fold up and put in the corner - we haven's tried to get it back in the original bag. Def worth getting!!

    Jonathan Graves
    Quarantine life saver!

    My 5 yr old and 2 yr old love this so much! This has saved us during the quarantine. They use it every day, all day. Easy to set up and take down. Dries quickly!

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