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    Great bouncehouse for young kids.

    Bought this for my 1 year old and 3 year old for present. They love it. Its been cold since I bought it so I have it set up in my basement, it moves around a lot on the concrete floor, but I am sure that will be better when we can move it outside to the grass. Its big enough for multiple kids at the same time. We had a birthday party at our house and had about 6 kids jumping in it at the same time.I do not like that all the doors do not Velcro shut, only 1. So for younger kids, they need to be seriously supervised, or they will easily fall or accidentally jump out of the two side entrances. All in all its a great bounce-house for the price. And its very big.

    AMZing KristenAMZing Kristen
    Everything you need is included!

    This was a fantastic purchase! This bounce house is so well made! The materials are all quality. The blower works very well! The instructions are well written. The bounce house goes up easy and is also easy to put away and store! Even the carrying case is well made - and the bounce house easily fits in it!!! Everything you need is included!

    Neil Sheehy

    This is some of the best money we have spent. It gets so many uses, and is so much less than other jumpy houses. It has been great entertainment for kids coming over and gets the kids tired and their energy out. It has been completely good quality for what you pay for it, you just need to treat it right, make sure it dries out if it gets wet, store it carefully, etc. We have had kids up to the age of 8 on here, but it is best to keep it to little kids or fewer kids if they are bigger. Even if you only used this for a few parties, it would be less than renting one! We have used it every weekend though and our 2 and 4 year old love it!

    incredible value for a outdoor inflatable

    ok i've had this almost 2 years now. We've used it probably 15-20 times, and it's more than paid for itself in entertainment. The blower and water slide are both nice quality. If you don't put teenagers on it, it should last for many years with little to no maintenance. It does get mildew on it, but thats to be expected unless you completely dry it after every use (who has time for that)

    Came with a hole on the seam...but after repairing it the bounce house has been awesome fun.

    We received this and our kiddos instantly wanted it up. It aired up perfectly then we could hear a sound as if there was a hole. And there was. It was on the seam. We had to deflate it and use patches to repair. I will update once we determine if the patches work. 2 stars for now until we see if it works. And sorta bummed we had to fix a flaw in production of the bounce house.Edit: The patches we added that came with the kit have held up great with lots of use so far. 2 stars now to 5 Very happy with this purchase. Kids still love it and everytime we have company over they always want it up to play on.

    Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer
    Great quality!!

    Absolutely love this!!! Everyone is asking where I got it. My daughter has been having so much fun with and without water. I highly recommend.

    Christine BasilanChristine Basilan
    Perfect bouncy house for little people!

    We bought this for our son's6th birthday party and it was hit! With the prices of renting one, I thought it was more reasonable to just go ahead and purchase one that we could use all year round and without a time limit of 2-3 hours. My two year old also loves this toy. Mind you it's not very big but if you have a small living space it will fit in your two car garage, basement or living room during inclement weather. Very easy to set up and take down. Highly recommend this bouncy house especially if you have little ones!

    Great water slide

    Loved it and so did my kids ! Would recommend

    Great little Slide!

    My four year old is obsessed with this thing and we haven't even used it as a water slide yet (of course the temp dropped when it came!). It's well made, blew up right away, and was very easy to pack back up. It was certainly a splurge and it's just a small slide, but it's a win for little's. Most slides like this don't come with the blower and I was nervous about the quality, but I'm really impressed after our first use. This is a quarantine win in my book! Desperate times call for water slides!

    The Tall Ones
    Excellent Purchase to Combat Summer!

    Takes seconds to inflate, a reasonable footprint, perfect for our (very tall) 5YO and 2YO. Christmas night, as I tucked in our 5YO, he said, 'sama? Do we get to keep the bounce house?'sWhen I said yes, he asked, 'sorever?!'sThis is the gift that keeps on giving 🙌🏼

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