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    Prime Addict
    Kids love it!

    My 2 kids (2yr old and 6yr old) Loved it, we can't get them out of it. I purchased a tarp to cover the bottom to prevent it from getting tears, but overall the materials have held up really well. when not in use, I just simply fold it, then fold the ground tarp over it to prevent it from damage. will be leaving this out in the backyard for the entire summer.

    Best money spent for your toddlers

    My 1 year old got this for his birthday. For the price, we were suprised at its quality and size. This is a bounce house/slide for small children/toddlers. (Not really meant for big kids) the size is true to Spec's and not exaggerated.The blower is included and a quality blower that would probably cost $80ish by itself. It has a rubber coated switch and shut off outlet plug (both protect it from water damage)Tips - never put this on concrete (will wear it down faster,) keep the blower upright and not in grass (won's get clogged up.) and USE the spikes - a good wind will blow this with ease.

    Kids love it

    This is absolutely perfect for all three kids (age range 2 to 10). They love it with or without the water. I had to sink anchors to keep it down because the ground in my yard is very hard, I wasn't able to use the included stakes.... otherwise no problems.

    Fun Times

    We were looking for a bounce house for my daughters 2nd birthday party and we came across this listing. We didn't want to rent one because they were about the same price as purchasing. We purchased this and it has been wonderful! It takes about a minute to blow up completely! It is noisy but we were expecting that, its an air pump... We had about 8-10 two year olds on this at one time and they had plenty of room. Now that we have it after the party, we break it out on a rainy day in our dining room/kitchen area and it works great! Not too tall either, it doesn't touch our ceiling and we have normal ceilings. Best purchase ever!

    Daniel Pickett
    Kids Love it. Setup is quick.

    Sets up really quickly, and is large and durable enough for my 10,8, and 5 year olds and their friends. Only minor drawback is that the water which makes it so fun also requires letting it dry out before packing it up. I usually just detach the water, and let the blower keep going while it dries out.

    Kyle kroftKyle kroft
    Greatest Daddy Ever!

    Granted brought this, I am referred to as the greatest daddy ever! Nearly a perfect fit in my basement and the blower isn't too loud that it's over bearing.Pretty much purchased for my 2 1/2 year old, but my 12 year old gets in also. It easily held 3 12 year olds and my 2 1/2 year old. The build is of very good quality. The seems slightly leak by design. (think blowing up a balloon nonstop, it would pop)I'm very pleased with my purchase!

    U want your children to have fun at home??nothing better

    Home fun just got better!if there is no time for rapids park ..well water park comes to you !i recommend to all parents!on hot summer days and mostly if u are tying to get things done around the house ,children love this ..less device time more memories to be made!this brand products are amazing like children design them and adults manufacture !

    robert covino
    excellent product

    Excellent product. this is the 2nd one I purchased for different grandchildren. The first one I purchased about 3 years ago and it is still in excellent condition. i have a 6 year old and a 3 year old who use it every day. the quality of this product is outstanding. So when it came to purchase one for my other 2 grandchildren your quality product made my decision easy. This one is for another 3 year old and his 1 year old brother. He is in it every day since he received it. Of all of the toys etc I have bought them, this is by far the most used and best investment I have ever made. thank you for such a quality and reliable product

    Monique ponza
    Just buy it

    Very well made, I put a playmat under the ball pit for safety. My son loves this. It hold me up as well (I just dont jump)

    Great price for the quality

    The quality is much better than I expected. Use it for birthday party and it was a big hit. Easy to inflate and doesnt take up a lot of space.

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