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    Fun Games Kids Can Play in A Bounce House

    Fun Games Kids Can Play in A Bounce House

    We’ve all seen kids, and even some adults, light up at the sight of an inflatable bounce house. And who could blame them? Life is just that much more fun when you can defy gravity a little bit. Not to mention, there are many significant health benefits gets jumping around bouncers.

    Bounce house has become increasingly popular, especially at kids’ birthday parties and other outdoor events now more than ever. To keep every party guest engaged with what is going on around them, we’ve put together a list of fun activities to do at your hopping house party - what we think are the best ideas, suitable for all ages. And the good news is, they only require your bounce house.

    1. Freeze Bounce
    This activity is a fun way to keep the kids active while they’re on your bouncing house. It can be played in many ways, but the rules are simple. First, a song is played over the loudspeaker or via an iPhone or iPod. As soon as the music starts, all the kids in your bounce house must freeze. Once it’s over, they can move again.

    2. Tumble Race
    Get the kids lined up against one side of the wall. You will then divide all of the kids into teams, or you can even have a free-for-all and have everyone compete against each other. The kids will then have to run from one end of the area and complete several tumbles. The child who completes all their tumbles first and reaches the other side of the bounce house wins.

    3. Bouncy Volley Balloon
    The children will be divided into two teams, and then two designated players from each group will get inside the bounce house. One child from each team will then have to hit the volley-balloon over to the other team. Once a team has hit the volley-balloon over the other team, their designated player will have to run to the other side of the jump house and catch the volleyball. If you want to make the game more interesting, you can also include another ball for each team.

    4. Bouncy Dodgeball
    Dodgeball is a great game, but if you move it indoors a little, it’s enough to make the kids run around your bounce house like a bunch of crazy chickens! Throw some dodgeballs, and one by one, pick your team on the bounce house and throw the ball as far as possible. The child who gets hit by the ball and doesn’t falls off loses a point. The child who gets hit by the ball and fall off is out of the game. The child who receives the most points wins.

    5. Bounce Around the House
    The children will work in groups of four to six, and each team needs at least one adult to play the game with them. Each team member will get a small ball so that the children can throw it from one to another. The adult will watch the children, and then when the adult shouts “Go!”, the children will have to throw the ball around the group as fast as possible.

    As you can see, there are endless ways to keep party guests entertained with a bounce house. From our experience, however, the best games are the inclusive ones. This means that anyone can play the game and participate, regardless of their age or physical ability. The kids will be blown away by your magnificent inflatable castle, and they’ll play until they collapse!

    Best Bounce House You Can Go For!
    If your kids are ready to kick off their shoes and jump in on all of the fun, then you can purchase a bounce house. With JOYMOR’s bounce house, your child’s party will be made complete and full of fun. Check out our inflatables by the following link today:

    Toy Storage Solution You Need

    Toy Storage Solution You Need

    If you’ve got kids, you’ve got clutter too. This seems inevitable, but it doesn't have to be. Toys take up a lot of space, and if your kids don’t clean up by themselves, they may take up more space. If this sounds way too familiar, then it’s time to take control of the clutter and reclaim your space.


    A functional and clever toy storage solution - JOYMOR Toy Storage Organizer and Bookshelf is the key.


    Practical Layered Design

    This JOYMOR storage shelf is specially designed to meet the needs of children, providing 4 tiers and enough space to help children learn how to organize.

    There is a slotted tier at the top to store children's books, coloring books and notebooks. The arched baffle design can not only effectively prevent the books from falling, but also does not hinder children's vision, helping children to easily identify the books on the shelf.

    The open design of the middle 2 tiers allow easy and quick retrieval of books and toys from the shelves.

    A large removable bottom rolling bin is suitable for storing more toys and heavier items. With 4 universal wheels, children can easily bring the toys to where they want and then easily organize them and move them back to their original positions. The delicate cloud-shaped handle can be easily pulled out or pushed back into the drawer.


    Good Height

    It’s 34.3 inches tall, so it’s just right for your child’s height, allowing them to easily access toys and books.


    Durable and Easy to Assemble

    Made of wear-resistant MDF, stable and durable. Easy to assemble with the included simple instruction and labeled pieces.


    Multifunctional Use

    This JOYMOR storage organizer is not only a good bookshelf or toy storage cabinet for kid's playground, but also provides space for your kids to play and read. It's the perfect catch-all for storing comic books, toys, and even clothes and socks. Comes with a metal, which can drill on the wall to offer better stability and allow children to play safely. Simple and classic, it can be easily integrated into various decorative styles. Very suitable for organizing children's rooms, playrooms and bedrooms, halls and family rooms.


    Check Price and Availability Here: JOYMOR Kids Toy Storage Organizer and Bookshelf Blue/Pink/White


    It is never too early to start teaching children's organizational skills. When every toy has a home, they will know exactly where to look for it. Use JOYMOR now to make the organization fun!

    The Best Trampolines for Bouncy Fun

    The Best Trampolines for Bouncy Fun

    There’s no denying it: kids and the young-at-heart cannot resist the joy of jumping on a trampoline. This is an easy way to expend energy, increase fitness, and have some fun. It can keep kids entertained for hours on end. So a trampoline is sure to be the most-loved piece of garden equipment you could invest in. Read on for our top picks.


    1. Best Beginner Option: Elastic Ropes Trampoline

    This trampoline is designed with little jumpers in mind. The 55-inch wide round trampoline is equipped with a tightly woven fence net to ensure the safety of the child during the jump. The zipper built on the safety net makes it easy for children to get in and out of the trampoline. The 360-degree padded handle bar helps toddler maintain the stability during jump.

    The biggest feature of this trampoline is to use strong elastic rope instead of spring to protect the jumper's joints. Therefore, the bounce is very gentle - perfect for people who are just starting their trampoline career.

    The small dimensions of this toddler trampoline makes it a great addition to a children’s bedroom or playroom. It is portable enough to be taken outdoors when the weather is good.

    Learn More:


    2. Best for Basketball Enthusiasts: Trampoline with Basketball Hoop

    Jumping on a trampoline is fun, but at a certain point, you may find yourself wanting more experience. This JOYMOR trampoline is the perfect remedy, because its built-in basket is both a fun trampoline and a high-flying basketball court.

    The trampoline features a 7.3-foot high safety enclosure net with a stable rust-resistant steel frame and six W-shaped legs to provide maximum stability. Equipped with a four-step ladder that is easy to climb, allowing you to reach the jumping platform safely. The basketball hoop adds to the fun, making it a great choice for young families with active children.

    This trampoline is very interesting and is most suitable for kids 8 years old and above. It can be used as a gym class for a large family of active kids.

    Learn More:


    3. Best for Two Kids: Trampoline with Adjustable Handle Bar

    This trampoline is designed for two jumpers, and its unique oval shape and size provide enough space for children to jump face to face. It also features a padded handle bar with adjustable height to help young children stabilize themselves.

    Made of a heavy-duty frame with a safety pad cover and stainless steel springs, the trampoline can withstand repeated use. The maximum weight is 220 pounds.

    What we love most about this trampoline is that it is movable and can be used indoors and outdoors. This is the perfect choice for family entertainment and gift giving.

    Learn More:


    4. Best Compact Folding: 2-in-1 Mini Trampoline

    This 2-in-1 trampoline offers a fun experience for your child to learn balance and independent jumping. Easily add or remove the safety handle bar to adjust the trampoline according to your child's skill set and support their progress.

    Transforms into a trampoline with a safety handlebar, allowing children 12 months+ to develop balance as part of their gross motoric skills, while jumping in a fun and safe environment. At 24 months+ can learn to master independent jumping, by removing the handlebar. Jumping will improve their sense of balance and posture, as well as a great workout and energy release. Mini & compact, can be folded two times for convenient storage and carry.

    Various exercises and intensity levels can be added to increase your strength training sessions and get the most benefit from your daily exercise. Supports up to 300 pounds.

    Learn More:


    Whatever use you have in mind, these trampolines can provide strong jumping power, and are an ideal way for you to exercise your whole body and complete richer aerobic exercises. JOYMOR guarantees high quality, please rest assured to buy.

    Time to Build a Backyard Obstacle Course!

    Time to Build a Backyard Obstacle Course!

    There are many fun ways to keep children active and having fun. From online exercise classes to playing with friends, sports are never boring. Our favorite new sport is to build an obstacle course to help children exercise their physical and mental muscles!


    What You Need for An Obstacle Course?

    Turning your backyard into an obstacle course is much easier than you think. All you need is a set of JOYMOR Ninja Obstacle Course Training Kit.

    It includes many obstacles: 59 feet slack line with 16 pendants, 3 gymnastics rings, 3 horizontal bars, 3 webbing knots, 1 climb ladder, 1 ratchet, 2 tree covers, 1 polyester cloth bag, 1 tape measure and 1 manual.

    Watch the video below to learn some tips, starting from the setting of the ninja line, to build a perfect DIY obstacle course.


    Benefits of JOYMOR Obstacle Course

    A perfect ninja warrior game will improve your physical strength and core strength while having fun! It is very suitable for children's brain development, gymnastics training, coordination development and attention improvement.

    • Slackline: JOYMOR includes a slackline that you can connect to all other obstacles. You can use this line independently like walking a tightrope. This is a great way to improve balance and core stability.
    • Obstacles: There are various obstacles, such as gymnastics rings and nylon knots, combined with the challenges of grasping and rope climbing, to exercise strength and coordination through upper arms, forearms, backs and grips.


    How Much Will It Cost?

    It's really amazing for the price of this JOYMOR course is less than $100! People of all ages and all levels are allowed to join. What a great deal.


    Time to Build a Backyard Obstacle Course!

    If you have not tried an obstacle course before, or your child is a fan of Ultimate Beastmaster or American Ninja Warrior, then building an epic obstacle course in your backyard is a great project to improve your workout to an exciting new level.

    Click here if you want one:

    Make your backyard the envy of your neighbors this summer!

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