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    Most balance boards are similar to appearance as a small surf board or skate board. They are mounted on a rubber roller or a sphere, and the concept is to stabilize yourself atop the board without letting the perimeters contact the ground.

    One of the simplest forms of board is the wobble board which is basically a wooden disk. The wooden disk is an anti-slip surface where you can stand and balance your body. The bottom of the disk is a plastic hemisphere. Different kinds of exercises can be done on the wobble board which includes push-ups, standing and sit-ups. Various simple exercises can also be done easily on the wobble boards.

    Balance board should be bought according to individual needs. There are boards which are both versatile and stimulating for beginners as well as athletes.  It is quite important to buy boards which are comfortable and suit your exercise needs so that you seldom feel out of control while performing exercises.

    The wobble boards are quite appropriate for beginners as it is more stable compared to the other boards. It is also ideal for various exercises and fitness regime. To use different types of boards, it is quite ideal to choose the combination boards. These boards contain many pieces and can be used for various exercises.

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