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    The baby playpen is a common sight in many homes and is undoubtedly very useful for parents. One of the most important items for parents of a baby to have is a good playpen. It allows parents to get things done while knowing that their baby is in a confined face that is safe and fun. A baby playpen is a piece of furniture in which an infant or young toddler is placed to prevent self-harm when her/his parent or guardian is occupied or away. The floor of the baby playpen is usually a soft mat. The walls of the playpen are usually higher than the height of the child, so as to avoid climbing injuries; baby playpen may also have a detachable lid.

    The baby playpen has a number of good uses. Normally they are used by parents as somewhere to put your child when you cannot supervise them for example you may need to go to the door because a guest has arrived but do not want to leave your baby on their own, at times like this they are perfect because you can just put you infant in playpen while you leave the room for a short time. It is important not to leave them on their own for too long, a playpen is not somewhere to leave them for hours because they will most likely need you at some point either for a bottle or a change in nappy. It is important to ensure the playpen being used is safe for the child.

    Active babies need someone to have their eyes on them at all times. Placing them in a playpen is a great way to give them room to play while knowing that they do not have access to anything that may be dangerous. When looking for the best playpen for babies, parents should look for the playpen that will be safest for their baby and most convenient for themselves. Some models have attachments such as mobiles, side pockets for supplies and toys, change table attachment, night lights, music boxes, and clip-on adapter for CD player for the baby to listen to music while sleeping or playing. Portable playpen come in different sizes, but most are expected to be collapsed into a small roll for easy storage and transport.

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