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    Ages 8+

    Choosing the best toys for age 8 year olds will be fun. But in addition to fun, toys also provide children with a series of learning experiences. In order to help children develop, grow and learn, it is important to provide them with learning toys that best meet these developmental needs.

    Help children build self-confidence and self-esteem by choosing toys that make them feel successful. The best toys for age 8 year olds have a certain degree of difficulty, are challenging enough, require some effort, but are not frustrating or intimidating. Remember, a little bit of their work will bring a greater sense of accomplishment. When children are full of confidence in their chances of success, their determination to succeed will be greatly enhanced. As they grow older, they will learn to persist in completing a task, even when it is difficult.

    Some of the best learning toys are toys for children to play on their own. When children play and solve problems on their own, they will not only cultivate independence, but also learn to solve problems, which leads to a sense of satisfaction and pride. Puzzles and building blocks are ideal for developing independent games.

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